Have you ever wanted to work on training with a group? Do you ever just want to ride with people that have similar interests, a place that you can learn new things? Group rides are a great place to experience all of this and more.

Delwin Dueck leads our group rides once a week. No matter your experience levels on a bike we build the group rides based on the interest. Rides average to be around 20km per ride, they are also very flexible and can be longer or shorter depending on the rider base. They are as fast as the slowest rider so you do not have to worry about being fast enough.

Rides will begin Wednesday April 11th, 2018 to mid September depending on the weather. 

Where: Meet at the shop (326 St. Mary's)

When: Meet at 6:00, group leaves at 6:30pm.

Who: Anyone!

How Much: Free!

Manitoba Cycling Association General Member (non-racing) license required after first ride*

*Try your first ride for free without a license, your second ride must be ridden with an MCA license for insurance purposes*


You can purchase a license by clicking below.