We cater to all types of riders and riding styles. From triathlon to mountain, commuting to BMX we have a full range of bikes to meet your every need. 

Opus is a Canadian company based out of Montreal. One of our exclusive brands, we bring in road, mountain, commuters/hybrids, and crusiers from one of our favourite brands. 

BMC is a premiere bike brand from Switzerland. They specilaize solely in race-ready road and mountain, which we stock most of their models, as well as a few hybrid models.

Garneau is a Canadian company based out of Quebec. They specialize in road, hybrid and triathlon bikes. They are the oldest and longest-running custom cycling clothing company in North America. We will be bringing in a wide range of their products!

Lochside is a small Canadian company based out of Victoria, BC. They offer a modern feel on retro-inspired step-thru cruisers and single speeds. 

One of our longest running brand relationships at Olympia we stock a range of mountain (low to high) and hybrids to suit your everyday commuting and recreational needs.