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Gear-up for a Winnipeg Winter

Wether you are a die-hard fan of winter activities or your venturing out into the cold for the first time, We've got the equipment to help you enjoy this winter.

XC Ski Packages

Don't have any equipment? A complete ski package will set you up with everything you need.

Winter Clothing

From heavy parkas to athletic wear we have a wide range of soft goods to get you suited up for winter.

Wax & Service

We wax and service all makes and models of cross country skis.

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Ski Packages

Everything you need to get started skiing with packages inclusing boots, bindings, skis and poles - all for 20% off!

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brands we carry

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Ski Packages

Our goal is to help you select the best package suited to your needs based on your overall skill level.

We have created multiple unique packages to suit every level. We have a combination of both waxed and waxless ski packages, including skintec skis!

See in store or give us a call for further details on our ski packages. ​All our packages include a free binding installation, wax, and a heated boot fit (if applicable).

We are also proud to be the only store to offer 2 lessons with the purchase of any one of our packages!


Kids Lease Program

Let's face it, kids are bound to outgrow their equipment every year. We offer a lease program where you can trade-in and size up as much as you need within the year.

We also take care of storing the equipment over the summer for you. Pick them back up in the fall, freshly waxed and ready to go.

Call us or stop by the shop for more details and pricing.

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Choose the Right Ski for Your Needs

Classic Waxable

Waxable skis get their traction from rub-on grip wax that’s applied to the middle third of each ski. Waxable skis allow you to adjust the ski wax to the condition of the snow.

Classic Waxless


By far our most popular type of ski we sell currently, waxless skis are the best of both worlds for convenience and low maintenance. Skin skis provide reliable grip in a variety of snow conditions. They are called waxless because rather than relying on grip wax for traction, they have a manufactured grip zone on the bottom. These skis provide their grip with strips of synthetic hair in the center of the skis. These strips can be changed out over time due to wear or to match snow conditions.

Fish Scales

Similar to SkinTec skis, fischscale waxless skis are a low-cost alternative that provide their grip with a strip of fish scale like patterns cut into the base of the ski. While they don't provide as much grip as a waxable or SkinTec ski, they can be a good option for someone looking for the lowest cost and maintenance in a set of skis.


Skate skis are used on groomed trails to ski along similar to how a speed skater moves on ice. The skis are light, skinny and stiff, and they are generally about 10cm shorter than skis for classic skiing. It’s worth pointing out that skate skis are not designed for striding as you do while classic skiing.

sizing & fit

How To Choose The Right Size Ski Equipment


To get the right ski for you, we base it off your body weight to get the most accurate camber compression.


Boots are an easy one, they should fit snug like a good running shoe.


Poles are based on your height, shoulder-height for classic and chin-height for skate.