Looking to try skiing for the first time? Have your old pair of wooden skis finally given up?

                             come down and give us a visit in store and gear up with a new set of skis!


- Our goal is to help you select the best package suited to your needs based on your overall skill level and how much use the skis will get through the winter. We have created multiple unique packages to suit every level of skill. We have a combination of both waxed and wax less ski packages, including skin tech skis!


- Besides selling full packages we sell the skis, boots and equipment individually. However package pricing is discounted and buying items individually will be sold at full retail.


- Package pricing ranges from as low as 375$. See in store or give us a call for further details on what the packages consist of.

- All our packages include a free binding installation, yes wax, And a heated boot fit if applicable.

- Along with all that we have some of the best pricing in the city!

- We are also proud to be the only store to offer 2 free lessons with the purchase of any one of our packages!